Add Softness to Rooms for Balance

There are many types of soft surfaces that can go into Sacred Soul Space.  Personally, I love softness and want to feel warm in cozy in my space.  When there is too much wood (wood floors, wood furniture, wood walls, and anything else wood), subconsciously it creates an uncomfortable feeling of hardness.  There are several ways to soften spaces that have a lot of wood, which are discussed below.


To truly make a room feel its absolute best, it is really important to combine hard and soft surfaces, so there is balance.  If you have hard surface floors, such as wood, concrete, laminate or tile, adding rugs in key area will really help the space feel warm and cozy.

Curtains/window treatments

Curtain, draperies and valances on windows are an excellent way to soften a window and add color into a room.  Even if your window has existing blinds or shades, adding side panels or even a simple valance will complete the look of the design and pull it all together for a finished look.

Pillows and throws

Adding in pillows and throws on wood furniture will soften them, particularly if there is a lot of hard surface in the room already.  Pillows and throws add in color and texture and can be a great way to mix and match colors, bringing in the physiological and psychological elements that you want to create in your Sacred Space.

Runners and tablecloths

When you have a wooden or hard surface tabletop on top of hard surface floors, you may want to soften those spaces by using runners or tablecloths.  You may choose to add a runner to other types of tables as well for similar reasons above.  A runner, or even a placemat, on top of a bedroom dresser or a side table can add a nice touch of color and soften the hard surface.

Think about areas in your home that could use some softening, and try one of the ideas above.

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