Your Step By Step Manual to a Better Environment and a Better Life

A Sacred Soul Space is single room or an entire home that is tailored to the person it is designed for, based on their desires and goals.  It can be a peaceful, healing room for meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices.  It can also be an inspiring, expansive space for helping to fulfill life goals and dreams.  It can be a combination of these ideas, making sure that the intended ideas don’t conflict with each other.

Color is an important part of the Sacred Space design concept, as each color has a different effect on people at the psychological and physiological level.

Feng shui and space planning play key roles in designing a Sacred Space, as the amount and placement of furniture, artwork and accessories greatly affects how a room feels and how the energy flows.

To achieve a true Sacred Space, the feeling and look of the room have to be in alignment with the person it is designed for.  It has to be clear of old and negative energy, as well as clear of clutter and chaos.  It needs to include items that have special meaning to the person or to the intent of the space itself.  The key is that the space incorporates specific intentions with the greatest possible outcome in mind.

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