Gray: Color of Stability and Elegance

Do you want stability, calmness and composure?

Gray is the color of compromise, between white and black. The darker it is, closer to black, the more mysterious it becomes, whereas the lighter it is and closer to white, the more illuminating it is.

Gray is unemotional, detached and indecisive. Because of its lack of emotion, it is solid and stable, creating a sense of calm and composure.  It lacks stimulation, energy and excitement.

Gray can be conservative and boring, but also elegant and formal. It is a great color to pair with other colors because it will tone down the bright and strong colors and illuminate the softer colors. Too much gray can cause sadness and depression, so be sure to add color to counteract that effect.

Gray can be used in every room of the house if it is paired with other colors. Because it is a support color, each color that it is paired with will stand out on its own to exude that color’s energy and traits.

Gray is a difficult color to use in the Pacific Northwest due to our gray days in wintertime.  My recommendation is to use warmer gray tones for wall color, closer to taupe, or to combine the true gray with more intense colors to stimulate it.  I love seeing gray with yellow, lime green, orange or red to give it energy.  It can be beautiful and calming with blue and purple as well.

Gray crystals/stones inherently carry the gray frequency and energy discussed above.  These include Agate, Calcite, Howlite, Pearl, and Smokey Quartz.

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