How to Smudge Your Home of Office

Smudging can be as practical or as spiritual a process as you want to make it for yourself and your home or office.  As a spiritual practice, the most important thing is to hold your intent for what the smudging is doing to clear your space of negative energy.  You may choose to do incantations as you clear each room or you can hold the thought in your head.

It’s a good idea to open up a window to ventilate your space as you are going through the process.  To begin, light your smudge herbs with a lighter or matches.  Gently blow out the flame to create a smoldering effect with smoke coming off of the herbs. You may need to relight the herbs a few times during the process to keep the smoke going.  Place the herbs in a fire safe bowl or abalone shell to keep the ashes from getting all over your space.

Before you start moving around the room or house, you will want to smudge yourself first.  You can use your hand or a feather to help direct the smoke over your body.  Start at your feet and move up to your head and then back down to the feet to complete the process.

Once you have smudged yourself, you are ready to smudge your room.  Begin at the door and then move clockwise around the room, wafting smoke into every corner and edge of the room, as energy tends to be most stagnant in the corners.  Get inside closets and cabinets if applicable.  Once you have done the outer edges, stand in the center of the room.  While you are waving the smoke around the room to fill it up, hold the image of the smoke clearing away negative energy in your head.  Your intent is very powerful in this process.

If you are smudging more than just one room, continue moving in a clockwise direction to the next room and repeat the process.  Continue to smudge each space thoroughly until the entire house (or office) has been cleared.

When you have completed the process, snuff out the herbs by grounding them into the bowl, dipping into sand or letting it burn out on its own naturally.

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