Mystery and Magnificence of Manta Rays

Last year, when I started my Past Life Regression coaching company, Mystic Manta LLC, a lot of people questioned me about the significance of the manta ray.  Why would I name my company after a fish?  There are a few reasons that the manta ray has such a powerful meaning in my life.

When I was getting my PhD, my specific area of study was focused on the batoid fishes, which are the “flat” sharks.  Batoids include guitarfish, sawfish, electric rays, skates, stingrays and the group including manta rays.  Mantas are the most highly evolved of the batoids (and sharks) from my perspective.

Sharks are typically thought of as “brainless” eating machines that don’t care much about their actions (while this isn’t true, it is common perception). As they evolved, a group of them broke off and started flattening their bodies, turning into stingrays and other “flat shark” relatives that spend their lives on the bottom.

Stingrays have a stinging spine at the base of their tail, which they use as a defense mechanism.  They are actually very docile, peaceful animals, but when they are threatened by predators – perceived or real – they whip their tail with the stinging spine in defense.

At some point a group of stingrays changed their shape and habitat, living up in the water column instead of on the bottom, becoming manta rays. The manta rays have lost their stinging spine and they grow to very large sizes.  They gracefully fly through the water with their large wings eating plankton. They are intelligent, curious, gentle giants.

When I reflect back on my life, it has been similar to the evolution of the manta ray from its shark-like ancestors.  I see my early life very shark-like where I was not consciously living my life.  The middle part was a bit more stingray like, where I was aware of my surroundings and generally peaceful and happy, but I also had a very strong defense mechanism when I perceived a threat.  I am now in the phase of the being like the manta ray.

Several years ago I had the fortune to swim with manta rays in the wild while visiting Kona, Hawaii.  It was the most amazing thing I have ever done while on vacation in all of my travels around the world. The night we were in the water, there were 33 mantas in the lagoon with us.  The largest was a female known as Big Bertha, who has a wing span of 17 feet wide (tip to tip). Some of rays came with only a few inches of us as they did their big belly rolling loop to loops feeding on the plankton that the dive lights attracted. They looked like giant UFOs in the water, moving so gracefully.

Symbolically, mantas represent graceful strength and wisdom.  They navigate emotional highs and lows without stressing too much.  They are the embodiment of a smooth journey.  They use their energy and presence to draw in what they desire in their life, like a vortex, manifesting their dreams.  They are all about building strong personal boundaries, which is my key lesson in this life.  They represent trusting intuition, awareness, courage, and adapting to new environments easily.

The manta ray reminds me to be who I truly am.

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