Power Position of the Office

Office space planning can be tricky depending on the kind of desk set-up you have and positioning of windows in the room.  The very best situation is with you facing the door while sitting in your desk chair, with your back to a solid wall.  Facing the door gives you the power position to see what’s coming at you, including money and opportunities walking through the door.  A solid wall gives you the support you need from behind.

Position 1 – Power Position

The best scenario in an office where there is a solid wall directly across from the door.  Orient the desk so that it faces the door directly with the solid wall behind the chair for full support.

Position 2 – Facing Door

If you are unable to face the door with a solid wall behind you, another option would be to have your desk against a wall where you can still see the door when sitting in your chair.  By having the desk on the door wall, the sitting position at the desk allows the door to be seen so you can see what is coming.

Position 3 – Weak Position

If your only option is to have your back to the door because of the size and shape of the room or the style of the desk, the solution is to put a mirror at eye level on the wall above your desk, so you can see what’s coming into the space.  Without a mirror, there is no power.  If possible, move the desk to another wall, so that the chair is facing the door.

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