Purple/Violet: Color of imagination and creativity

Do you want to deepen your spirituality and imagination or feel luxurious?

Purple, which is interchangeable with the term violet, has always been special, representing royalty, spirituality and imagination. It allows us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts and inspires high ideals.

The red side of purple gives energy and strength.  The blue side gives spirituality and integrity.  This combination creates a balance between our physical and spiritual energies. Violet, which is visible in the light spectrum (rainbow) has the highest vibration or frequency in the visible light spectrum.  It expands awareness, connecting us to our higher self or consciousness and assists those who seek spiritual fulfillment.  It is associated with the transformation of the soul.

Purple represents the imagination and dreams, the future, while at the same time calming the emotions. It enhances psychic ability and enlightenment while keeping us grounded.  It promotes harmony of mind and emotions and supports the practice of meditation.

Purple inspires unconditional and selfless love.  It encourages sensitivity and compassion, although that makes it vulnerable to illness.  It is the color of the humanitarian. It is feminine and romantic.  It is known for stimulating creativity and originality in artists and dreamers.

Deep purple is powerful and associated with royalty and nobility.  It gives the impression of luxury and wealth.  It creates ambition and self-assuredness as a leader, demanding respect.

Soft purple tones are great in rooms for meditation and relaxation, whereas deeper purples can make bedrooms and living rooms feel more luxurious. When using purple, one must not overdue it, as large amounts of purple can instill depression and moodiness, particularly in those that are susceptible to depressed states.

Pantone has chosen “Ultra Violet,” a blue-based purple, as its Color of the Year for 2018.  You will see more and more of this color in home décor and clothing fashions over the year.  Adding in small pops of purple into your home décor can be a way to bring the color in without overdoing it.

Purple crystals/stones inherently carry the purple frequency and energy discussed above.  These include Amethyst, Ametrine, Charoite, Jasper, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Sapphire, and Sugilte.

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