Spirit Animals – Tapping into Animal Energy

I have always had a passion for animals in this life.  As a child, I would spend hours drawing different animals and learning about their biology.  I loved visiting the zoo and aquarium on a regular basis.  I even took zoo classes at my local zoo when I was in elementary school.  My passion for animals was so strong that I followed it to get my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and my PhD in Organismal Biology and Anatomy, becoming an expert in sharks and stingrays.  Throughout my life, there have been specific animals that have really sparked my curiosity and fascination and that I have been drawn to for inexplicable reasons.   These animals are my Spirit Animals.

What is a Spirit Animal?  Spirit Animals can represent different things to us.  They can come to us with messages in real life and in dreams.  They may represent who we are in our authentic selves.  They may represent who we want to be.  We can draw on their characteristics to help us navigate through life more easily.

You may already know what some of your spirit animals are, and if you do, great.  You may want to incorporate some image of them (as a piece of artwork or an accessory) into your Sacred Space design as a reminder to you of what they represent.  You may have one animal that really speaks to you, or you may have several.

Spirit animals can be

  • animals that consistently come to you in your dreams or meditations

  • animals you were obsessed with as a child or that you love now

  • animals that you already have in existing artwork and décor

  • animals that inspire you

As I’ve been delving into my spiritual journey more in depth, I have become aware of animal energy in my life.  Some people identify with one Spirit Animal.  I have identified several Spirit Animals for myself.

I have found for myself that when I understand what the animal stands for, I know immediately if it is one of mine. There are different animals that I can call upon for different situations.

To give you an example of what this might look like, my particular spirit animals include manta ray, elephant, platypus, koala, dolphin, peacock, giraffe, dragon and swan.

Manta ray – graceful strength and wisdom, navigate emotional highs and lows without stressing too much, smooth journey, use energy and presence to direct the course of life and draw in what is desired (like a vortex), manifestation, allowing others to support and assist us, empathic – learning to build strong personal boundaries, stability and security in life, trusting your intuition, adapting to new environments easily, courage, awareness

Elephant – maternal, harmony in the herd, leadership in the tribe, strong – yet compassionate, gentle, wise, focused power and strength, reconnecting to our feminine attributes, connection to ancient wisdom, confidence, patience, commitment, communicating in relationships, intelligence, discernment, royalty, longevity of life, happiness, ease, good luck

Platypus – adaptability, ancient lessons, curiosity, connection, electricity, swim through emotions, inner sight/intuitive, hardworking, intelligent, investigation, isolation/solitude, mystery, paradox, uniqueness, acceptance and pride of not fitting in with the crowd, balance of life energies and looking for the deeper meaning of life, good at communication and expression of oneself, imagination and logic, sensitive, lighthearted, spontaneous, moving with creative ebbs and flows of earth; females have protection through their connection to spirit and their self-worth

Koala – calmness, relaxation, concentration, meditation, connection, empathy, magic, memory, protection, rest, trust, power of yoga, slow movement, friendly, amicable, nurturing maternal instinct, patience, psychic powers, focused

Dolphin – harmony, balance, communication, protection, resurrection, playfulness and joy, deep inner strength, cooperation, intuitive, trusting of instincts, self-confidence, multi-dimensional wisdom and intelligence, self-love, willpower, virtue, teamwork, courtesy, humor

Peacock – self-love, honor, integrity, facing life and unknown with courage and confidence, lightheartedness and laughter, rejuvenation, beauty, balance, wise vision, awakening, immortality, spirituality, royalty, self-confidence, leadership, resurrection/rising out of the ashes (like the Phoenix), patience, benevolence, compassion, kind-heartedness, embracing inner truth, showing true colors, ability to see into the past, present and future, sexuality, longevity, expansiveness, watchfulness

Giraffe – rising above earthly matters, seeing the bigger pictures while remaining grounded, ability to see into the future, safety and strength in times of need, distinctiveness and individuality, trusting instincts, seeking the best in life, foresight, vision, intuition, ability of perceiving untruths and deception, quiet contemplation, graceful movement, beauty, patience, cleverness, protection, intelligence, communication, associated with water

Dragon – self-power, achievement, success, prosperity, abundance, magic, wisdom, truth, wondrous possibility, belief in magic, hidden realms, hungering for new adventure, strength, courage, fortitude, psychic ability, transformation, metaphysical knowledge, beauty, inspiration, longevity, protection, leadership, fulfillment of potential, personal happiness, fortune, growth, luck, development, clear sight, fearless, passionate, not afraid of change, speaking truth, desire to rise above all circumstances, sense of humor, nobility

Swan – purity, beauty, grace, love, elegance, divination, balance, fluidity, creativity, depth, intuition, future vision, calm, gentle, full of hope, self-esteem, gracefully gliding through water moving through the currents of life, awakening, clairvoyance, partnership, power, spiritual evolution, transformation, union

When you look at the meanings and characteristics of the animals, there are similar qualities that they share.  Although I have other animals around my house, these are the most prominent and numerous in my collection of artwork, accessories and jewelry.

When placing animals in certain rooms, it is really important to make sure that their energy is appropriate for the space they inhabit.  You don’t want a really high-energy animal to be in your bedroom, as it could disrupt sleep.  I can help you navigate the energy of the animals in your world.

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