Sacred Soul Spaces

“A Sacred Soul Space is a personal sanctuary where you are able to immerse yourself in a multi-sensory environment that supports and strengthens your dreams, goals and desires.”

We are often bombarded in our busy, chaotic lives; we are wrapped up in technology, which pulls us away from who we truly are. We clutter our homes and offices, which then clutters our mind. Designing a Sacred Soul Space in your home or office will give you a place to escape, a peaceful oasis, to re-center yourself and remember who you truly are and what you can create.

In this manual, you will gain a clear vision of how to design your own personal oasis by:

* Experiencing how different colors affect you personally as you are guided on a journey through the colors;

* Identifying the intention of your Sacred Soul Space;

* Learning concepts of feng shui and space planning in different room types;

* Clearing clutter and negative energy;

* Incorporating altars, essential oils, meaningful imagery and healing, energetic plants.

Your personalized Sacred Soul Space will strengthen your ability to manifest your dreams and re-align yourself with the Universe as you immerse yourself in a consciously created environment.