Using Altars to Enhance Manifestation and Divine Connection

Altars have traditionally been found in Eastern cultures as well as in some Christian sects, but with yoga and meditation practices becoming much more common in our Western society, altars are becoming more popular.  The purpose of creating an altar is to reinforce your intentions of your Sacred Space by calling in spiritual energies into your space.  What do you want to invite into your space?  Peace, serenity, love, abundance, healing or something else?  Altars can be used for meditation, prayer or just as a beautiful reminder of what your Sacred Space is dedicated to and your connection to the Divine Source.

The first step is the find a location for your altar in your Sacred Space.  It could be in a corner, on top of a table or dresser or even on a bookshelf.  Next, decide on what the theme or themes will be for your altar.  Inspiration can come from what your overall intention is for the room that you have your altar located.

Once you have decided on the intention, select objects with meaning for the altar.  Examples of things to include would be a light source, such as a candles or a salt lamp, fresh flowers or herbs, inspirational books, crystals/stones, photos of loved ones or spiritual figures, elements from nature (shells, rocks, feathers, coral, sticks, etc.) and bells or chimes.  Hold the object in your hand to see if it speaks to you about belonging on the altar.  Only use items that resonate the energy you want to create.

Now that you have chosen your objects, it is time to arrange them in the altar space.  If using a flat surface, such as a table, place the taller items in the back with shorter objects in the front. Rearrange until you are happy with the positioning of the objects.

The final step is to bless the altar by saying words of gratitude or a prayer.  It does not have to be long.  The most important thing is the intent that you are infusing into your altar with your thoughts.

Once you have the altar set up and blessed, use it for a daily ritual to enhance the energy.  Over time, you will be compelled to shift items around on your altar and even change what objects you have on it.  Trust your intuition.  You will know when it is time for modification.

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